Primary Responsibilities

Safety First

We take your safety very seriously. As a PaparazzMe photographer you are not required to proceed with a booking if you will be placing yourself in harms way or if you are otherwise uncomfortable.

Pleasant Demeanor

As a PaparazzMe Paparrazo, you'll be shooting residential homes and working with real estate agents and potentially home owners. You are a professional and a guest in homes.

Focus on Quality

Quality of your work will earn you strong customer ratings and will result in repeat business. Compensation is directly proportional to quality of work.

Speed & Efficiency

The expectation of PaparazzMe photographers is that photos and videos be uploaded and available for clients within 24 hours.

Photographer Requirements

Before you are cleared to work with PaparazzMe, you must first meet a few basic minimum requirements to ensure the safety of our clients and quality of our service.

Valid US Identification

You will be working with PaparazzMe as a 1099 contract worker and will be required to complete the requisite tax forms.

Criminal Background Check

You will be required to complete a criminal background check prior to booking your first shoot. The cost is covered by PaparazzMe.

Camera Ownership

You must posses or have immediate access to a high quality digital camera. Camera phones are not permitted.

Reliable Transportation

Access to reliable transportation is required. If you don't own a vehicle, rideshare services are permissible.